Grief is hard.
You are not alone.

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A Social Network for Loss

The Goodgrief App is the social network for loss. Finally there’s a network where grieving people can privately and safely connect, chat, and support each other while finding a new normal.

Goodgrief works by putting you in touch with others who have experienced loss due to a variety of different causes.

Support at Your Fingertips

About 2.8 million people die annually in the U.S., and 50 million globally. Each death leaves behind about five grieving people. That means there are 14 million people trying to hold it together at any one moment in the U.S. alone. We believe we are each other’s best system.

Here’s How Our App Works


Find people who know what it’s like to be grieving a loss.


Connect with like-minded people across the globe.


Chat with others to help cope with grief and learn to heal.

Our Story

About 6 years ago Kim and Robynne were connected through a friend of the man Kim had lost. Both Kim and Robynne were going through their own respective heartache due to loss. Kim lost her partner suddenly and unexpectedly. Meanwhile, Robynne was saying a slow goodbye to her mother because of metastatic breast cancer and also became a single mother.

There were commonalities they shared that centered around grief: pain, sadness, anger, frustration, loneliness, isolation, humor and a strong need to forge something beautiful out of it all. The app was inspired and grew from a unique texting friendship between Kim and Robynne over their own personal grief. They became a “lifeboat of support” for each other. At some point, they said “we should create this for others!” And so they have – a digital space for others to find comfort, support and understanding.

What People are Saying

“This is a beautiful thing you’re creating. I know it must not be easy to be an app developer…I’ve tried, lol…Keep going…This will help so many of us. I’ve already made connections with three others.”

48 year old female, Seattle, Washington

“That brought tears to my eyes. I am, first, happy that you are finding peace and a way to handle all this grief. And second, so impressed! Not that I didn’t think you had it in you, but that you were able to put it together. Very cool and helpful to so many.”

Divorce Lawyer, December 2017

“Your app is awesome!”


“I just got on the app this morning and I have already connected with a few people. Thank you for creating this support system. It has been amazing already.”


“Thank you for creating this app. It’s needed by so many people.”


“The ability to block users is a great feature. You two have thought of everything! This is so awesome and I’m so excited to share my story and comfort with everyone who receives it. I get more from giving than I do taking. It truly helps me.”


“This app to me is just as good as being in a support group meeting. You don’t have to leave home but you can connect not only in your city but worldwide. Which is amazing!”


“I have told many people about this app. It’s such a blessing! Thank you again.”


“Thank you so much Kim. I lost my daughter. She was 28. I saw this website I think in Woman’s Day Magazine. Thought I would check it out. Did speak with a woman similar age who lost her son. To speak to someone who knows exactly how you feel is something. You’re not alone with your thoughts and feelings. What an incredible site. It has been a help and blessing. Thank you very much…”


“I just experienced my first miscarriage. It has been amazing finding people to be able to talk to about this who are going through the same thing! I hope you know this has helped so many people!”


“I found someone who had a similar experience to mine and in some way it helps. Since it’s the weekend, there hasn’t been much support for me other than this app. Thank you.”


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Our Advice

We understand the pain of grief and how it affects you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our hope is that you’ll not only find someone to connect with to help work through your grief, but that you will also find resources to help you grow through your grief.

Finding others who personally understand loss makes all the difference.
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